Pelletizers, Cutters, Granulators

Pelletizers, Cutters, Granulators

This category combines used processing equipment for the plastics industry that is used to cut, palletize, densify, and convert plastic resigns into granules or smaller pieces for further processing.

Here are some key points about main equipment in this category:

- Pelletizers are used to convert plastic resins into small pellets. The plastic is melted and extruded through a die plate with small holes that form strands of plastic. These strands are then cooled and cut into small cylindrical pellets. Pelletizing improves the handling, transportation, and storage of plastic resin.

- Cutters are used to cut plastic sheets, films, and other extruded products to specific lengths or shapes. Common types of cutters include rotary shears, traveling cutters, and guillotine cutters. They provide a clean, consistent cut for plastic products.

- Granulators are shredding machines used to break down scrap plastic into small chips or flakes. The scrap plastic is fed into the granulator chamber and rotating blades cut it into uniformly-sized pieces. This allows scrap plastic to be reused for new products or recycled.

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