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What is a Mixer?

There are many different types of industrial mixers, which are also referred to as Blenders, Agitators or Turbulizers. They are frequently found in food factories, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories and in full scale process facilities. Most industrial mixers bear little resemblance to regular home mixers as industrial models can typically weigh several tonnes and have complex automation systems.

Many industrial processes involve mixing or blending materials. The raw materials blended also take many forms from wet to dry, low viscosity liquids to high viscosity powders, pastes and inks. It may be appropriate to use a double arm mixer for applications like dough mixing where a kneading type of action is required. Where the application requires a gentle mixing action, a double cone blender may be ideal, ensuring a homogeneous air-free mix. These industrial Mixers can be useful for the production of foods, adhesives, and pharmaceutical products, among others.

Another good example of the industrial application of mixers is the ribbon blender used for the mixing of small particle sized ingredients. It is also important that all of the ingredients are mixed evenly. The mixer has a central shaft with mixing blades angled in various orientations that look like double-helix ribbons, and gives the blender the ability to move parts of the mixture in different directions at the same time. This ensures that all ingredients are effectively and completely blended.

Ribbon blenders are mainly used in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications in large batch sizes. They can have a horizontal construction, where the shaft and blade are horizontal in the container, or the shaft and blade can be in a vertical position.

Some mixers may have additional features such as multiple chambers and chutes to handle different kinds of loads, and users can configure the mixers specific applications using a wide range of automation and controls.


Mixers at Perry

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